Danielle Carrick | Information Designer


A Year of Trump Tweets | Teen Vogue

data visualization, interactive

Females at The Golden Globes | GLAMOUR

data visualization, interactive

Data Leaks | WIRED

data visualization, interactive

City Pulse


Trump Advice Generator


Memory Bank Website

data visualization, interactive

CitiBike GIF

data visualization

Shark Attacks


Resolutions 2015

Design, Graphic, infographic

Circle Calendar

Data Art

Cost of Training

data visualization

Makings of a Runner

Data Art


Supporter Illustration #1| Ed

Ed Winston likes Survivor, playing volleyball, running marathons and donating to Fred’s Team. I like making illustrations…

Thank You!

A huge thanks to all of my friends, family and supports that helped me exceed my fundraising…

Ebola Hysteria

The Ebola-hysteria in the fall of 2014 was marked by constant reports of “Ebola-like” symptoms, which doesn’t…

Marathon Math

It can be hard to know the best amount to donate. While every dollar makes a difference,…

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